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Post  boxwine on Sun May 18, 2008 1:49 am

Name: Dustin




Spec/Armory Link:ATM dps Ms pvp

Professions: alchemy and herbalism

Will you be able to make our raiding times? (Please refer to the About Reason post):why of course

Previous Guilds/Servers and reasons for leaving:ummmm havent had a guild in a while i havent played the game since 2007

What is your raiding experience? (PreBC and BC):MC BWL AQ 40 Kara Gruuls

What do you normally bring to a raid? (Consumables/Flasks/Elixirs etc..):I usually bring my flasks for attack power and i usually bring my other characters but i really want to raid on my warrior

Please list your raiding Addons:i have none atm because i have played in over a year

What is your reasoning for applying to Reason?:i recently met one of the officers and you guys seem like you have a plan and chewy seems pretty chill

Do you know anyone currently in Reason? If so who?:i just met chewy

Is your internet and computer stable?:yes i have dsl and t3 when i move back to college

Tell us a little about yourself:im a college student i like to party drink and on the occasion have sex with females i play this game a ridiculous amount but it cannot get in the way of school work and other than that im pretty outgoing and i like to have fun

Anything else?:
thats about it thank you


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Post  Swifft on Sun May 18, 2008 12:19 pm

Just wondering, what spec do you plan to go?

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