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Ariefel (70 Holy Priest) Apping =) Empty Ariefel (70 Holy Priest) Apping =)

Post  Ariefel on Wed May 28, 2008 1:09 am

Ariefel Level 70 Priest

Post by Ariefel on Tue May 27, 2008

Name: Toon: Ariefel
Actual: Sean

Age:21 (ya baby)

Class: Priest

Spec: Currently Running Holy to play with CoH, but willing to spec to ANYHING the guild needs.

Armory Link:

Professions: Alchemy 375/Tailoring 375

Will you be able to make our raiding times? (Please refer to the About Reason post):
I have a very flexible work schedule, and as finals will be over as of June 12th, I will be free.

Previous Guilds/Servers and reasons for leaving:
None on this toon; however, I have extensive experience as a Druid, Hunter, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior on Nerzhul Horde.

What is your raiding experience? (PreBC and BC):
Pre BC, You name it. I was a one of three raid leaders in Azeroth Liberation Army of Nerzhul H (BG9). I was directly responsible for over 500 guildys (WoW stops counting after 500).
As a guild, we had the fastest progression on the server through BWL and AQ 40 (but choose not to raid Nax more than one night a week).
I main tanked for ALA for over two years of Azeroth content and returned as a rogue in BC to raid through Kara, SSC, and TK, topping the DPS charts before we broke due to internal drama.
I have had extensive experience healing in Azeroth as a priest, druid, and shaman. And a experience through Kara in BC as a healer (as mentioned above: I have run through SSC and TK as a rogue).

What do you normally bring to a raid? (Consumables/Flasks/Elixirs etc..):
Mana Pots
Health Pots
Bandages (saves mana, and allows for great regen during down time, yet you dont see many healers carry them)
Positive additude
Anything else requested by Guild Master/Raid Leader

Please list your raiding Addons:
Omen Threat
Recount or Damage Meters: (I CANNOT stand to be over a 5% overheal during a raid)
XPerl (Allows me to see what other healers are doing so that I may maximize proficiency.

What is your reasoning for applying to Reason?:
I'm looking for a guild of people who are motivated and active, and I was told that this is the place!

Do you know anyone currently in Reason? If so who?:
I was recomended by Ozymandias (Rogue); he is an RL friend.

Is your internet and computer stable?:
Comcast Wireless (Nice Router); however, I usually hard line for Arena and Raids.
Dell XPS...need I say more?

Tell us a little about yourself:
Well, I'm a very relaxed person. I rarely get angry or too frustrated. However, I do bring a very competitive mentality to the game. I demand perfection from myself. As evidence, I am very active on forum, constantly leeching information from the best of the best in order to better myself. I LOVE to pvp, and I have a druid and rogue on the server dedicated to the cause! (I would also LOVE to lead preform groups and 5v5s for the guild if interested).
I FIRMLY believe that this game is VERY simple: Press Right Button + At Right Time = Win. The fun of this game comes from the community in which you share the experience with. In ALA, I made friends from all over the world that I feel comfortable calling and visiting whenever or wherever, and I'm looking to build the same comradely here.

Anything else?:
As a player, I guarantee that I will bring the best game possible to every raid or event. I will be well researched, well prepared, on time, and ready to do my part. I expect the best from myself, and I expect my guildys to do the same. As a raid leader, I have had the fortune to learn a vast wealth of knowledge of the game from many points of view and players, and I intend to share that knowledge in any way I can. Moreover, I am excited to learn new methods and new strategies from a different point of view.
As a person, I love to joke around and shoot the shit. I love to leave vent on and talk to anyone online (whether or not I'm even playing). In fact, I have my own vent server. I am proud to say that this game has taught me more than I could have imagined about human nature and leadership. Successfully managing a guild of over 500 people was one of the most difficult responsibilities I have ever faced. I have heard fantastic things about this guild that I hope are all true, and I cannot wait to see what lies in store for me as a member of <Reason> (cool name btw).

PS: WotLK is gonna be AWSOME! I am super stoked about new endgame progression, and it sounds like you guys share my excitement.
PSS: This toon is a very new 70, so I have not had the chance to take her to get the nice enchants. I am working hard to finish the Primal Mooncloth Set and get some nice enchants on her gear!

Thank you so very much for looking at my application. Although I am currently applying as a Holy Priest, I have equal sets of disc pvp and pve shadow sets, and I am more than willing to fit into any role the guild needs.

Feel free to contact me in game on Ariefel, Sorud, or Osscar or preferably at (goes strat to my phone)

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Ariefel (70 Holy Priest) Apping =) Empty Re: Ariefel (70 Holy Priest) Apping =)

Post  Simplex on Wed May 28, 2008 1:16 am

Awesome app, good experience, holy priest.. all positives.

Contact an officer in game and we'll hit you up with an invite.


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Ariefel (70 Holy Priest) Apping =) Empty Re: Ariefel (70 Holy Priest) Apping =)

Post  Ozymandias on Wed May 28, 2008 1:25 pm

Ariefel is a RL friend and a great player, he will be good for the guild.
Welcome aboard man.



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Ariefel (70 Holy Priest) Apping =) Empty Re: Ariefel (70 Holy Priest) Apping =)

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